EC proposals and the platform economy: the path ahead

Feb 10, 2022

In December, the European Commission announced proposals to improve working conditions in the platform economy.

These proposals recognise the positive impact the platform economy delivers - jobs, innovation and satisfying consumer needs. They also assert the European Social Model, and have important implications for working conditions, worker classification and the presumption of employment. The landscape for companies operating in the European Union is due to change significantly.

Watch this panel with Pierre-Emmanuel Froissart, Employment Council for Western & Southern Europe at Uber, Samuel Laurinkari, Head of Global Public Policy & Government Relations at Wolt, and Mark Griffiths, Head of Social Impact at Collective to learn:

  • What the proposals are and what they mean

  • What the legislative path ahead looks like

  • What Uber and Wolt welcome in the proposals

If you want to learn more about the EC proposals, and what to do next, read this blog or feel free to get in touch ar