Collective raises $10 million from Prosus Ventures, the investors behind Wolt, Delivery Hero and Flink

Mar 11, 2021

When you think of the gig economy, what comes to mind?

Restaurant quality food, delivered in a flash? Groceries at your door in a matter of minutes? The support you need, at the exact moment you need it?

Prosus, one of the largest technology investors in the world, has been investing in platforms that depend on independent workers for nearly a decade now. From Wolt and Delivery Hero to iFood and Flink, their portfolio companies are changing the world, with the help of one independent worker at a time. Now, they’re investing $10 million in us.

This investment is a clear testament: for the platform economy, worker wellbeing is now a top priority.

So, what next?

With over 50% of the workforce set to work flexibly in the next few years, we’ll be using this investment to keep on building a much-needed safety net for this key area of the workforce.

🌎 We’ll be expanding our cover and partnerships globally from Europe to the Middle East and Asia. 

⚙️ We’ll be perfecting our digital claims experience to make sure that our members can get their money even faster when they need it the most.

🚑 We’ll be launching our accident detection and emergency response solution aimed at helping workers when they need it most. 

🎓 We’ll be doubling down on our educational content and community-building, to help our members truly understand their benefits and support them in all areas of their working lives.

🏠 We’ll continue connecting with our members offline, with physical pit stops for them to warm up, dry off and rest. 

🦸‍♀️ And to accelerate all of the above, we’ll be expanding our team in the UK, Netherlands and beyond as we gear up for some major growth.

It’s going to be a pretty crazy few months. Watch this space.